Ricrac911's Black Poems


Neoblack Poem | Black Poem : why is it that people always sayin stuff like shit gonna get better!? you dont know my life my rain my pain how you gonna predict my weather!? I mean do you know what it took for me to get up this morning!? Just cuz the sunshining in ya life dont mean I aint over here storming! The grass is not alwa

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Neoblack Poem | Black Poem : If u really wanna read my poetry go to www.ghettosoul.com I have over 50 poems on that site...My name is ricrac911 on that site too...check me out...and become a member of ghettosoul.com Ghettosoul.com is kinda like this but 100 times better...Dont believe me check it out... Go to www.ghettosoul.com

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