Renee's Black Poems

Too Much To Handle

Black Poem | Spiritual Poem : The tears The pain So much sadness I feel To much heartache to be real The feeling of hopelessness The feeling of loneliness So much hurt in my life To many trials and to much strife Now tell me?cause I really need to know When it seems like you can?t take anymore where do you go Do you cry yourse

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Ghetto Poem | Black Poem : Broken hearted once againWhy do I always have to restart once I

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Floating on Thin Air

Black Poem | Life Poem : I’m Drowning in angerSwimming in sorrowand floating on thin air.I can’t breathe when I’m awakeand smell the roses when I’m asleep.How can a person with a life so good be in so deep.How can a person go through so much when they pray to Jehovah everynight their soul to keep.I’m fighting my madnessHugg

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Black Poem | Life Poem : UniqueI know sometimes you may look at me, and wonder why am I here.I know sometimes I may intimidate you, but there’s no need to fear.I know I may do some things that you’d never thought I’d do,But every time you judge me it tells me a whole lot about you.I may not amount to everything that you tho

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Black Poem | Sad Poem :  Sleep’Sometimes Living Eats us up worse and worse Everyday, but somehow People like me make a way.’ You’re beautiful in my eyes because the world I do not see. You ease all of my painand chase away the agony of being me.I smell the roses when I’m with you because you give me room to breathe.I love

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Loves Diary Pt.1

Black Poem | Love Poem : Love’s DiaryMany people hide their feelingsBut mine I must set free.I’ll never let go of the words you told me And I’m glad I’m your wife to be!I think of you all day and night And couldn’t stand the thought of loosing you.I’ll run the farthest distance and never loose a fight If it’ll keep our love

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