Remy's Poems

Fatherly Heartbreak

Black Poem | Absent Father Poem : You know, I made a decision to go ahead and allow you back in my life But the invitation  seems to have been ignored but that doesn’t come as a surprise   So what does that mean when you never decide to call me? I call and call and call you, I am your daughter, not a one night fling

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Mental Pleasure

Black Poem | Romance Poem : On the beach just me and you No one around, we both ditched our crew   No not there to do a certain thing that lovers do Only there for a connection of the mind and that’s the truth   The moon is out and the ocean reflects it’s light right into my eye’s You lean over and

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Playa Playa

Black Poem | Broken Heart Poem : Man you good with those words, real slick with that tongue. Got me all hot and ready to believe you ready to give me some.   But you got another on the dome, how bout your future wife You sho’ll wasn’t acting like you was engaged last night!   Telling me how you love her and do

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