Ratchet318's Black Poems

making love for the 1st time

Black Poem | Making Love Poem : he tells me he loves me n starts to kissing me soft It feels all very good so I dont want him offtremblin n shakin wonda wat dey tell me is trucus if it starts to hurt i’ll tell them thank youkisses me on down i wonda y it feel like dis thinkin of tha consequenses cus i really wanna do dishe tells m

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a ratchet lil phase

Black Poem | Love Poem : C nigga u got me goin thru a messed up mind phase Got me thinkin u n only u n dats a powerful gamethinkin how to escape n get u on outbut c our 2 kids is wat im thinkin boutwonda would da world end without u by my sidegot me singing rihanna but no longer we ride do u love me i need to kno at dis sec

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