Raingirl31's Poems

This Skin Im IN

Black Poem | Urban Poem : This Skin Im IN Fat, chucky, plump, wide load, double wide, lazy, dumb, ugly, oh baby I have heard it all. I use to be so concern with the perception that others had of me I use to be so caught up with the Jones trying to wear all the name brand clothing so that I would be accepted by the in crowd

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Fallen Under Your Spell

Black Poem | Love Poem : I have fallen under your spell. I don?t know what it is about you that drives me crazy and wild. Is it the way you talk to me? Is it the way you hold your self being confident. Is it the way you look? So many things is running thru my mind right now its really crazy. Aim Falling in love with you or

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Black Poem | Romance Poem : "A WISH" A wish is all I have Hope is all I got Maybe, when I wish upon a star I could get the wish that I asked for. Maybe its has already came true. When I wished upon that star I wished for something new, I wished to start all over again. When I wished upon that star I saw your face: My heart b

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