Purrtychocolate's Poems

Touch me

Neoblack Poem | Spiritual Poem : Touch my mind,so I can know your grace. Touch my head and annoint it with your blessings. Father,touch my eyes so I can see what you want me to see, and to keep me focused. Touch my ears so I can hear your words,and my enimies footsteps. Touch my nose so I can smell your victory. Lord, touch my mout

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Holding me.......

Neoblack Poem | Spiritual Poem : In your arms I feel so free to take on life...because I know you are holding me...When I can’t stand in my own and my spirit is weak,you reach out for me.Through my stumbles& falls,you remove blinders so I can see, a path through the storm to sunlight on a road I couldn’t possibly travel without you

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My promise

Neoblack Poem | Love Poem : I promise to love you til the end of time. I promise to always see you and accept you for whom and what you are, not for what I want you to be. I promise to smile everytime you enter a room, even if its inside I do.You are every love long I’ve ever heard.You are my inspiration. Your reassurance lets

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Neoblack Poem | Sad Poem : Sometimes I have to look back. Just to make sure it wasn’t a dream. If it was a dream, it was the best dream.For my heart anyway. My heart was captivated by that world. Never had it been touched in such a way. Climax after climax, every heartbeat was like a caress,a gentle touch.Every sputter was li

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