Princess Savage6's Poems

Baby I miss you

Freaky Poem | Teen Poem : Baby, Baby, I miss you so much. At first I was a soilder about the brake up, now I’m jus missin you like crazy! Az I listen to yo favorite song and think about the way yo sing it, Oh baby I miss you. I remember you use to call me bout 11am, and we get off the phone round 2am. I remember you use to g

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My Brake-Up

Freaky Poem | Love Poem : Yestaday was a sort of bad day 4 me. I remember at 4:37 you asked me what would I do if you broke up with me, in my head I was like NO, NO, I can’t loose this one, this was a good one ,and I done messed up. You say u brakin up wit me cus of da way I be actin, but the truth is I was jus tyna get back

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Freaky Poem | Teen Poem : Teenagers today act like fools; most of them would do the stupidest things just to be cool. I try to influence my peers that popularity isn’t everything, but they ignore my intelligence and continue with their range.While these trifflin children struggle to be populare, their grades fall like rain,

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