Poetic_Stud's Black Poems

Old News *an ex* pt 1

Black Poem | Break Up Poem : I loved the way you looked wit out ya make-up I loved how we?d argue and ??? and make-up I loved when you was workin how you told me to shut-up And babygurl i loved the long ass nights when we?d just lay-up. ???But i mean what the ?????? Ma what you did was truly clod-blooded My love for you was l

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full time freak

Black Poem | Sex Poem : You hit me up on my phone And said ?Baby i need it.? ?I got some things to do, but i be der before six.? So i get to da crib And call to make sure you still home And you said ?Yea baby im in my room, and i aint got nothin on.? I said ?AW SHYT!!? Got my ass up dem stairs quick Seen you on dat bed B

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you pt. 1

Black Poem | Black Poem : I just wanna look in your eyes, And tell you i love you. You a see alot in mine, And you a know that i put nothin above you. I caint wait fo the time, When im?a get ta kiss and hug you. And im dien for the chance, When im?a get to ??? you. Don?t get it wrong, Dat ain?t all i wont from you. Just bein

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love dont explain

Black Poem | Love Poem : Have you eva been so in love you just wanna talk to dem And yal ain?t evn gotta ??? You a be straight if you just get ta walk wit dem. See me and my gurl, ??? hours we can talk fa days Most people be on dat fake love just ta get laid But my love fo my gurl dis shyt ain?t no game I use ta be a playa

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so i...

Black Poem | Life Poem : Who ever thought i could possibly come to be Something noone would have ever thought of me. But why can?t they see I have a vision for me And there?s no way that they could ever change what i think So i think And from time to time i may just pray Not for me but for my lovers sake. Their ears are

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loves struggles

Black Poem | Lesbians Poem : Rain drowns my window.. She tells me baby pleeze don?t go The pain of my migraine tips from temple to temple... ...Then I look back on all the fights wev?e been through I can?t see how i thought love was so simple... Now my frustration greatins Cuz I left her in tears debatin? I?m Tryin to pro

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