Nycity61's Poems

Expectations of a young black male

Black Poem | Spoken Word Poem : I am a young black maleWhich in some defined way you expect me to failYou expect me to have done some time in jailYou look at me and instantaneously expect the worstyou excpect me to steal so you embrace your purseyou look at these words no as intellectual poetrybut as another rap verseAs a nation w

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Imma Summer Lover

Freaky Poem | Sensual Poem : One cotton sheetnaked body heatis all I needCause Imma Summer Loverno window shut no cover pulled over ice up your spinethat runs down your shoulderjust be ready girl!Cause Imma Summer Loversummer is my friend it could be yours toowith ice on your pleasureand I inside of youwill melt your embodiment

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summer music

Freaky Poem | Love Poem : love runs through my viensas music through radio waves’If you want me to stay i’ll never leave’as summer comes I cant help but love any and everythingtho you may not know me or show any signs of which’Slow down I just want to get to know ya!’cause im in the mood of most moods that moves moods to be

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dont wear PANTIES to sleep pt.1

Freaky Poem | Sensual Poem : my favorite season is summer fa one reasonSex!It makes me do unthinkable thingslike rip through ya jeansand resesitate ya pussy till ya whole body creamsand ya other lips screamI was born in the heat,so when im kissin ya thighs and you taken my meat,dont be surprised at the puddles produced at our f

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Freaky Poem | Love Poem : It was funny of me to think thoughts of lust and loveTo imagine a world so perfect angles fall from aboveI thought that love was the way to all lifes richesan found that love has my heart sewn with remorseful stitchesI thought of so many ways to keep u in a smileI thought that one day I would sit u

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