Nuenuegrandy's Black Poems


Black Poem | Sad Poem : You don’t make it easy to love you;but regardless I still do.Too many times I forgave you,you’re always lying to me, you never tell me the truth.I don’t know why I’m staying with you after all you put me through.You say so much but do so little, your actions explain how I feel;now I know what’s real

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A Love Like Ours

Black Poem | Love Poem : A love like ours is one people hate to see,they’ll do all they can just so they won’t see you with me. You’re love is so obvious & pure, I’d love to be with you forever & yes I am sure. No matter what people may have to say, I’ll still be around; I’ll still be with you because withyou love I have fo

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Ur Tha Reason

Black Poem | Teen Poem : +-+-+--+--+-Alone, broken,inside, wishing & hoping for someone to take this pain away. Then you appeared out of no where one wonderful day. Your the reson why I changed; forgiving second chances, saying its okay. Them hoes can hate all they want to; but I’m the one who really loves you. You entered

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