Nitemehr's Black Poems

Heavy Breathing

Black Poem | African Poem : The heavy breathing of a slave running away from his grave Through the bushes, and the swamps he has been waiting for ths day Kill or be killed found a gun in his masters safe ready to let off any white man to ever come his way sounds of hound dogs lurk through the cloudy swamp he close's his eyes l

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I aint to proud to beg

Black Poem | Sex Poem : Let me lick you up and down until your toes touch the bottom of your feetlet me suck on that clit until your pussy ooze and skeetlet me carress your breast until your knees get weaklet me rock your world in between your sheetsi aint to proud to beg come on baby give me a tryI can tell you want me yo

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Black Poem | Hip Hop Poem : from the heat in Miami to the shreiking cold in chicagofrom the black ice in New York to the beautiful beaches in Key LargoI stay colder than the winters in the north polei don't need a grill from paull wall toknow my mouth is coldi speak to be boldthis non sense is really getting oldrappers step up

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Walking on Water

Black Poem | Black Poem : When the stars are aligned just right, and the yeti graces the nightWhen the brilliance of your mind is ready to take that flightwhen you are at peace with your mind there is only one mental fighti walk on water in my sleep at nighta peaceful sanctuary with pure moisture under my feetmy words evapor

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The sound of death

Black Poem | Death Poem : what is the sound of deathis it the noise of your last breathor is it you fighting to survive giving your all thats leftis it taking the wrong stepor is it the sound of life supportis it the end of your life 16 on child supportmurder trial in courtor is it loosing your freedom over bull ???the schre

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Lights Out

Black Poem | Hip Hop Poem : In the beggining God said let there be lightAnd since then we all been putting up with this fightbelieve the hypei don't remember the last time i was rightbut im never wrong so does my mission complement this plighttwo lefts and a rightim cold in the heat of the nightyou didnt have to compliment me

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