Niki's Poems

Missing You

General Poem | Sad Poem : Sometimes i wonder how i would be if i never met youThink about you everyday, still know that it won’t bring you backStill i’m happy just knowing that your looking down and guiding me through lifeWish i could talk to you just one more time, get one more hug, and one more ’dang dude’Let you know that

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Can You?

General Poem | Love Poem : Can you just hold me, console me, give me mind, body, and soul?Throw in a lot of trust because i see that’s hard to come byYou make me feel like i’m #1 when in reality i am on a list of manyScroll down the list and you’ll find me next to dumb and naiveYou made me see me for meBy lying and not believ

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General Poem | Love Poem : Relationships don’t necessarily guarantee trustEven when you give your everything, your all and all something messes upMe pouring out my love doesn’t guarantee you staying Or keep me from finding out about your doings and you making me feel so badAll the while your happy and i’m sad and with you it’

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I Knew

General Poem | Love Poem : I knew i loved you when you would kiss me everyday and it didn’t matter that i didn’t even know your nameI knew i loved you when you became my bestfriend and we decided to take things to the next levelI knew it was love when i could talk to you about everything and you listened to every word and let

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