Nijesky's Poems

Somehow, Someway

Black Poem | Spiritual Poem : Somehow, someway I manage to escape all the traps,I pulled through, even when so many were trying to pull me back, Somehow, someway I’m able to hold my head up high,even though at times all I could find the strength to do is cry. Somehow, someway I didn’t loose my cool,went to school and made it out

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Half Owner

Black Poem | Love Poem : I played the fool one too many times before,Everytime I think I’ve gotten over you I start to miss you more.I can be helped, and I know this to be tru,only if I receive back all I’ve given you.I’ve given you so much of me and I at least need some of me back,cause without the half you have, I’ll alwa

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Let me!

Freaky Poem | Love Poem : Let me!Let me take off ya shoes, let me massage ya shoulders,let me warm up ya body,when the days grow colder,Let me cook you a meal, Let me brush ya hair,let me show you how to be loved,by someone who truly care,Let me in on ya secrets,Let me into your world,Let me show you what it would be like,If

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When Im gone!

Freaky Poem | Love Poem : What I got to doto get you to notice,that you got me, here I am, standing wide open.What I got to do to make you see I’m all you need,that’s why you call and checkin up everytime u leave,you scared I’ma move on and stay gone 4 good,and by the way you treat me, hell I just should, but I keep coming b

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Welcome back!

Freaky Poem | Spiritual Poem : I sit back and watch as the black community continues 2 die, brothers 2 busy killin themselves that’s why the whites pass em by,not because their any smarter not because their too advance,it’s because brothers want it quick and fast without taking a chance,a chance to plan out a life that’ll get the

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I choose to grow!

Freaky Poem | Black Poem : It was in September when I walked away for good,said I couldn’t pretend no more it was doing me no good,I wasn’t in love, neither was he it was nothing but a fling,but to others all around all they saw was a good thing.All they saw was me cheesing at the mention of his name,but so good had I become

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