Ngozika's Poems

To the love of my life

Black Poem | Valentine Poem : To the love of my life     Long ago Cupid’s arrow pierced my heart When on a starry night I first saw you Fiery sparks ignited from the start As our eyes met and twined the souls of two       “The path to true love is not straight”, they say But, though pyr

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Forever my true love

Black Poem | Love Poem :   Forever my true love     Forever my only true love you areThis moment is ours to be togetherWherever you are there I'll always beFor without you there could never be me As the warm sun does to a soft flowerSo you complete me every day and hourThe magic of your love my breath has bee

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Love is...

Black Poem | Love Poem : Love is   Love is the magic of lyrics that take us back to the same place Love is the vacuity of being filled only with the warmth of you Love is hearing you chuckle softly when we talk late into the night Love is waking up at dawn and finding your gaze upon me Love is looking into your eyes

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I love you

Black Poem | Love Poem : I love you     I love you truly and purely, my dearI love you without doubts or pride or fear I love you with the depth of an oceanI love you beyond season or reason I love you as the air I breathe, freelyI love you selflessly and endlessly I love you not for looks that soon alterI love yo

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Letter to Cupid

Black Poem | Valentine Poem : Letter to Cupid     You never told meThrough all these years That when it happened,When true love found me,It would be a lightning strokeOverpowering me into a new realmWhere life, hope, joy and happinessAll have but one semblance;Where life's zeal is boundless,And hope is rekindled,Where

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