Neoblaqness's Poems


Black Poem | New Love Poem : The feeling I had when I woke up today I have had many times before because that’s what it means to find someone you have come to love and adore some might say that it would hurt to hear t

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Black Poem | I Miss You Poem : There’s a place in my bed where I hate to sleep I can’t even turn that way no more without seeing you looking back at me with a light that the darkness neva could absorb I done slept in this

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I Luv Me Sum U

Black Poem | Friendship Love Poem : gurl I luv me sum u cuz u got that smile my mamma use to have even when she knew all the things I didnt about my dad Its that keep on keepin on kinda swagg to let your babies know things ain’

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Black Poem | Inspirational Love Poem : In my mind there is a picture of you in every detail made only of light of every hue no arms no face no legs just grace and I delight in its view each night you colour the skies of m

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