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Black Poem | Love Poem : This Love Can you hear the sound of my heart racing when you come around  Can you see the smile appear on my face when the clock strike twelve we turn into each others fantasies When i fall your right behind me When im wrong you correct me nicely When im sad you bring me up yeah you love me the

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A Poem For That Special Someone

Black Poem | Love Poem : I decided to throw it all away All the doubts and previous hardships that I have encountered In order to open up my heart and love again See, I'm in love and it's like no other It's different because every moment of everyday is spent thinking of him It's different because if I am away from him for m

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Just How I Feel

Black Poem | Sad Poem : Sometimes I Feel Like You Dont Make Sense..Like You At War With The Pride Within...I'm Not Playing You So Why Can't You Listen For I What I Say Is True..We Used To Be Close But Now We Distant Like The Sun From The Moon...I Want Things To Be Right Cuz On The Real I'm Tired Of The Sleepless

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