Natrice's Poems

N my face

Black Poem | Black Poem : U no I gave my heart to uBut all u did wuz take it and not notice wat harm u were doing to itU say u loved me and i believed u,but then after a while u would say it and i couldnt believe itU were just playin meRIGHT N FRONT OF MY FACEAll u were was a bitchass bastard that wanted 2 c if it wuz easy 2

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Wat to do?

Black Poem | Love Poem : I know alot of people and have alot of friends, who r mostly boys, but. . . I dnt wanna seem like a hoe cuz i no im not, but Im in love with all of them. They r all so handsome, smart and fun 2 B around and I call all of them my brother, but only because i dnt want them 2 no how I really feel. Someo

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Black Poem | Nature Poem : Im delighted that all dese people is sendin me n postin messeges on my page. This is not a poem, but simply a messege 2 all da people who post messages on my page on If u want 2 chat r send me a messege then hit me up on myspace at [email protected] Thanks

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Feels So Right

General Poem | Love Poem : This feels so rightWhat u do 2 meThe things u say 2 meThe way ur eyes send me signs of love 2 my heartThis feels so rightHow u just stay so calm and cool without any worries in the worldThe way u make me just wanna take u whenever u lick ur lipsThis feels so rightHow u look at me How u touch me How

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This dude

General Poem | Love Poem : Note: This is not a poem-like reading.Dang this dude that I like is always around me on weekends. I love the way he looks, the way he smiles, the way he acts stupid just to make me laugh. He looks at me with a look n his eyes that tell me he’s in love. I try to ignore it, but just can’t help but smi

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What am I suppose 2 do?

Ghetto Poem | Love Poem : What am I suppose 2 do when my baby’s friend is the 1 I wanna B wit?What am I suppose 2 do when I see his friend everyday, but not see him?What am I suppose 2 do when we talk and be 2gether, but not around him?This is what I’m suppose 2 do:Drop dat nigga ass like it wuz nothin n get da mutha f***er

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