Nata80's Poems

Secret Conversation

Black Poem | Dramatic Poem : I can't forget that day we saw each other, I thought that maybe you were some one elses lover, But was curious of what it would feel like, To have you as mine, but only for one night. We talk to each other endlessly as though we were old friends, Only to remain a wonder why the conversation had to e

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If Walls Could Talk

Ghetto Poem | Sensual Poem : If walls could talk, they would tell how I flinch when you touch the most intimate part of my soul. If walls could talk, they would have stories of times when you and I were mesmerized by each other

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Ghetto Poem | Life Poem : Today is different,like no other day I’ve seen Come walk with me, let me show you what I mean There’s something special about this day. This morning I felt relieved, kind of refreshed in a way That others may not understand, because they cannot seeWhy I glow from the joy that has overtakened me I am

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Black Poem | Inspirational Poem : Life is a journey with unforseen events and some dead end races,It’s can somehow led you anywhere but few familar places. Life can be beautiful and kind but also difficult, rarely making sense. But would it be worth living without the suspense? If you always knew what came next, would you look forwa

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Pursuit of Love

Black Poem | Love Poem : Can I trust myself to love again?Only for my re-established world to end.I been through it all before.Is it wrong for me to go back for more?Of the very thing that broke my heartExposing the inner and deepest partsOf my soul that seems to find it hard to let goThe very thing thing I trusted soIt’s t

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