Mstinyluv's Poems


Neoblack Poem | Ghetto Poem : he likes to be in control in everything we dohe says i love you booand i love you baby toosit down so i can bouncefeeling every inch taking every ounceturn around so i can rideyou are the one my feeling i confidecan’t keep the same position so once again we changei hurrry up and bend overcause he kn

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silent sorrows

Neoblack Poem | Ghetto Poem : silent sorrowsi feel so deepmakes me wanna run, hide, you know fleesilent sorrowsmakes me soul achei can’t sleep at night cause it keeps me awakesilent sorrowsbrings tears to my eyesso many fall down my face i don’t bother to ask whysilent sorrowsmakes me feel weakalmost like laying in the sun dehyd

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words unspoken

Neoblack Poem | Love Poem : i can’t forgetand late late nights with youleaves me with no regretsbeing in the momentsmelling your senti love how your body feelsi do admittyour arms are so strongthey pick me up and put me on the wallyou help me keep my balancewhen i get weak and start to fallso much pleasurebut never any paini m

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