Mstajaboo's Poems


Black Poem | Sensual Poem : [Cured] Your touch in sight and my fingers are the light. There’s no need to impress. Now that I’m bare you can caress. Embracing my lust for gold. Showing how my passion unfolds. Like

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The Drive Back To Florida

Black Poem | Promise Poem : The Drive Back To Florida The anticipation I have to hear your voice is restless. Im not alone IN  the car but, alone with MY thoughts. Everytime the song goes off and there are a few seconds of sile

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Can All Life's Love End Happily Ever After

Black Poem | Love Poem : DEAR, CALLE’ Can All Life’s Love End Happily Ever After You caught my eye from the beginning and I never want the sight of you to fumble. I believe that fate takes it’s course, in fact mine

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The Way She Thinks

Black Poem | Love Poem : The Way She Thinks The way she thinks is dear to me The undefined shape of her epiphany Her mind is so brilliantly beautiful With thoughts and emotion that are not unusual What she expresses

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