Mssiarrasosexi's Black Poems

Best Friend

Black Poem | Friendship Poem : I met her ass in the 5th grade straight A's is what she made i thought she was the one who had my back but in her heart the love for me is what she lack man i loved this girl she was my only friend knew that she would be by my side in the end or so i thought  until i got caught in a situation where

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Daddy why you leave

Black Poem | Absent Father Poem : Daddy why you leave why did you hurt me so you could have worked it out you didnt have to go pushed me away and closed the door causing pain in my heart that went straight to the core now im growing up angry,confused and hurt people see my vulnerability so i gotta be alert little boys putting things

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in love with a stranger

Black Poem | Promise Poem : i see you walk past every day wondering what's on your mind show my interest in every way praying you're the one to spend my lifetime my heart starts pounding when you're near whispering sweet nothings that one day you'll hear promising all my love and more give me the key to your heart what im sayi

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