Moonlight's Black Poems

Yeah RIght Nigga

Black Poem | Ghetto Poem : Yeah Right Niggayou call my phone wanting to get it oncan’t say shit cause half the timeI don’t answer the phonehow you want me and you played me I gave your ass more than I should ofthank God I didn’t give you all that I could ofYeah Right Niggacalling me anonymousthat shit is so humerusI see your

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The Ghetto Prayer

Black Poem | Ghetto Poem : God bless the ghettolet the sun shine again it didn’t always rain when the hood was cook outs and doubles dutch gamesgod bless the hood let the ghetto Queens know that they can find a good man of their owninstead of being a sideline hoeGod bless the ghetto let the brother’s know that they can get do

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