Modeleva1's Poems

The Love Of Lovemaking

Black Poem | Sensual Poem : FiRsT We WiLl PuT The liGhTs dOwN LoW, AnD i’lL KiSS You baby nIcE AnD SlOw i’lL Put Mah aRmS ArOUnD yOUr hEad aNd lAy You dOwN iN YouR OWn BeDBut ThIs wOnT Be A Time fOr SlEEp wE’Ll MaKe LoVe bAbY LonG Nd deEpoN tOP OF ThE sHeeTs oUr bOdIeS MeET Your D**k sO HaRD MaH pu**Y’s sWeETYou LooK In mY EyE

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Read Dis!!!!!

Black Poem | Black Poem : hey yall nuthin big jus wanted to say if u like my poems be sure to show em some love n ill do da same in return k:)? much love...

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Her Only Weakness

Black Poem | Spiritual Poem : ’Mom, Why are you crying?’ he asked his mom.’Because I’m a woman’ she told him.’I don’t understand.’ he said.His mom just hugged him and said, ’And you never will.’.....Later the little boy asked his father, ’Why does mothercry for no reason?’’All women cry for no reason’ was all his dad could say..

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Black Poem | Sad Poem : Screaming for attentionHoping someone hears meand maybe they will even answer meI feel so lonely as if nobody cares 4 me.My heart is no longer filled with love but instead hate and rage and one day its gonna burst out ofme like a stray bullet from a gunand its gonna hurt someoneWho’s fault will it b

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Black Poem | Love Poem : He Knows I Love HimHe Knows how much I careI Love ’Him’ with a passionBut I can’t help my desire He’s like a fantasy that can’t be fulfilledMy Love 4 ’Him’ is more than the ordinaryHis love is so true to meDoes he know how I feel?Will he ever be mine?I just can’t help it Because, I LOVE ’HIM’

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I Dont Know

Black Poem | Sad Poem : Frustrated Cuz I cant tell if its real Mad cuz i know how u feel Upset cuz things aint turnin out right Sad cuz i need you day n night Angry Cuz u wont take my hand aggrivated cuz u dont understand hopin we cud get it together but i will still love u 4ever

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