Mizz Morena's Poems

a good woman

Black Poem | Spoken Word Poem : Thay say in behind every great man stands a good woman.... What is a good woman to me? A woman thts strong smart and takes kare of her responseabilties! Now men... a good woman may b hard to find! And every woman doesn't quailify... Fellas yall may not meet eye to eye So let them submit there appli

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led astray

Black Poem | Spoken Word Poem : Last nite love kalled my name......... It had to scream it loud cuz on dogs I wasn't trynna hear that shit! I tried to ignore it but tha kall got louder... And louder! So I sed....."LEAVE ME THA FUK ALONE"!!! Then I felt bad :-( then it sed bak "I JST WNTED TO TELL U I NEEDED U"....... Then I let my

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