Mizphatkhat's Poems

Me Time

Black Poem | Life Poem : Hey you I miss you boo Seen you peeking in my window Its taking everything in me not to get at you But I have to show myself a thing or two I miss your touch Your embrace The way we kick it The way we play Surely i'll be back one day Its almost like an experiment To see if I could enjoy time with

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All Out

Black Poem | Reflection Poem : Time out on being stressed out Sometimes your alone so you can find yourself out People in your life grow out Yeah I know you feel left out Nows the time for you to stretch out Leave the welcome mat at the door but make em leave they shoes out Everybody needs to cry out Go on and let it flow out Loo

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You Were There

Black Poem | Seductive Poem : Bubble bath and candle light a lil music and some wine I get inside to unwind with visions of you in my mind Thinking of your masculinity and the awesome way you handle me it seems as though you know my needs even in my dreams Flincking my nipples with wet finger tips that remind me of your tongu

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A night consigned

Black Poem | Sex Poem : When we met I was looking for a lover and friend with intentions of being free in the moments we shared Someone who'd truely understand my situation and take me to a new sexual elavation I needed an out from my daily frustrations and forget momentarily the bullshit conditions Sipping wine and nice c

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Black Poem | Family Poem : Today I think tomorrow is much to soon knowing it could be the last day that I could mother you It hurts my soul that another has say so of a child that I birth into this world because I wanted to My fear is if they take you from me will I ever get you back and will I get you back in tact Please for

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Oh Feeling

Black Poem | Life Poem : How do I confess matters of my heart When all it will do is tear everyone else apart I can't be me, but you can be you? What everyone else expects isnt the truth Damn, what am I suppose to do I listen, I see, I feel And its real I keep words to a minimum So you dont feel what I feel Feeling, oooooo

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