Miss Tae's Poems


General Poem | Inspirational Poem : it was a sin for me to do what i did,but god knows that i wasn’t ready to have a kid...i tell myself everyday that i’m not a fool,i have to graduate, i have to make it out of school...i’m a child and entitled to make a mistake,i try all i can to take back the fate...i can’t hold back these tears any

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Is It All My Fault

General Poem | Love Poem : you say that you love me all the time,but do you prove it; i guess it’s a lie...people say that we don’t act like we’re together,i turn my head the other way and say yea whatever...we use to be in love,it was you who i put above...but you don’t like me for what i wear,it’s the love that matters, clo

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