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Thoughts of us

Black Poem | Sex Poem : Meet me in the late night hour, in the usual placei just need to hold your hand, just to see your facejust so i can kiss your lips, just to let you knowthat i want you here with me, i don’t want to let you goi’ve known you for a long time, and always had a love for you,but lately in my mind there ha

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your sexiness excites me (still unfinished, but a little more added)

Black Poem | Love Poem : your sexiness excites me cuz when i look into your eyes I see the man that I one day want my son to be.  Not a playa, not  pimp.  Just an honest man tryin to make a livin wit what God has given him and what the world wants to take away.  His life, his love, and his love of life.  Making him work har

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Black Poem | Black Poem :  nigga ain’t a bad word, it’s just part of who i amit’s just as much of a part of me as George w. and uncle sami’m not afraid of my heritage, you seem to be the onecuz i am who i am, you have white hoods and gunskilled because i am that i am and that can’t be changedbut truth be told, my skin color

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Black Poem | Black Poem : Leave me the _____ alone! I ain’s got _____ to say to you-so take yo’ ____ ondon’t try to be my friend when i come around’cause you don’t know me _____, i’ll burn this mutha _____ downSo gon’, git outta my face, don’t be whispering in my earcuz the words I wanna say, you dumb ___ don’t wanna hearSo

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F**ked Up!

Neoblack Poem | Black Poem : Too late to turn back now,I can’t fix what I messed upcause an apology just won’t doI guess you could say I F**ked Up! Trust has been lost at an unaccountable costso now i’m wondering how to get throughcause an apology just won’t doI guess I f**ked up Tried to stop, it wasn’t my ideamy brain was som

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Neoblack Poem | Black Poem : A bullet with my name on it, headed straight for the heartpast the turmoil and controversylike a street smart dart from a barrel of lovecocked with viral determinationalways set, prone, and readyto spread love across the nation a bullet with my name on itheaded straight for the headas powerful and a

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