Lovl3y's Black Poems

Patiently Waiting

Black Poem | Love Poem : As i sit here patiently waiting for time to pass, I begin to wonder if this love will really last. The answer is only in gods hands and it will soon be revealed within time I remembe

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Black Poem | Love Poem : “Every time I look into your eyes I see tomorrow, only today (like any other day) I looked deeply into your eyes and saw nothing… This is how I know it is truly the end. -DATIA ROCHELLE A.K.A LOVL3Y

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Black Poem | Love Poem : I’m so tired of hiding all my feelings inside I’m so tired of being the big guy Every day I try my best to make it work And put the situation to rest. I used to stand strong without a doubt But now I give effort at only a little amount. I only grow weaker day by day. I’m tired of wondering why thi

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Black Poem | Love Poem : As long as i can remember i've always wondered if love at first sight really exists now that i've met u i now know that this myth is true i've only known u for a little while and my feelings are unbelievably strong for u sometimes i wonder if this is lust or just my infactuation. but how could that

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