Loving Qua's Poems

Iam A Boss

Black Poem | Teen Poem : I’am a BossThey think i’am Rick Ross.Yeah I clean my teeth with Dental Floss.Cause I’am a Boss.Yeah I ride on 24in.With then Sucide Doors.Cause I am a Boss.Learn Your Lesson. That how I’ll been taught.

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Iam A Soldier

Black Poem | Ghetto Poem : Its my time to shinethat why on my grindboys be frontin like they slickgirls be like i dont feel that shit.Cause I’am a Soldier.Hollin out like Master P I thought I told cha. Because I not your girl or your lover.You will never catch me under the cover.They be like that girl is tough.Yeah i can trea

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He All Yours

Black Poem | Funny Poem : Fly like a butterfly. Sting like a bee.You can have that boy with his grilles a** teeth.He all yoursWith his nappy cornrolls

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Real Chick

Black Poem | Ghetto Poem : You Rembember when you was having your up and down.I was the Realest chick that walk you around town.Why your homeboys hollin catch you on a rebound.I was the Realest chick that showed you timed.You rembember when you had beef.I was the Realest Chick that had the heat.You rembember when you was afra

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Black Poem | Love Poem : Love is easy to falled into and hard to get out.And sometimes I ask myself how i’am in love.And then i get and answer that wont hold no grudge.He his really down for me that what you call a real gee.That like to lotions your leg and feet.And add a little candle light when you eat.

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