Lovergurl7's Poems

dont wanna lose u!!!!

Black Poem | Love Poem : thinkin he’z the one talkin to him everyday, tryin to figure out wat he wants.... love, a relationship, sex, me. he says he loves ma nd wants me to b his gurl... but he looks at those gurlz like he used to look at me... now i think he is goin to leave me..... boy, i dont wanna lose u!!!!!!

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boy dont play me!!!!!!

Black Poem | Love Poem : boy every time i talk to u i get the chills! on the net tellin u my life. wishin u were here u got me rite where u want me. boy i just hope u aint playin me!! too all the guys that tell a gurl they love them nd talk to them all day nd nite... then u play them like they r nothing.

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Black Poem | Teen Poem : told this guy i loved him the worst thing i ever did in my life. b4 i told him he was the nicest person ever! we talked, went to movies and did lots of crazt shit togeter!! he even was the firs guy i kissed!! im writing this just in case he happens to see this. i wanna tell him i really do love you!

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Black Poem | Love Poem : crazy to fall in love with someone u’ve known for 14 years?almost all my life.crazy that ur my bestfriend?crazy that u made me fall in love?crazy that ur breakin my heart.....slowly.....crazy that i need you?is it all that crazy??well maybe im just a crazt bitch!!!!!

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Black Poem | Love Poem : u can fall out of the skyu can fall out of a tree but the best way to to fall in love with me!!!!

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