Lover Girl's Poems

heartbroken love

Freaky Poem | Love Poem : you build me up you knock me down,provoke a smile and make me frown,your the king of runaround, you chew me up and spit me outenjoy the taste i leave in your mouth?i shiver when i hear your name,think about you but it’s not the same,im mesmerized by the words you say,not true but i beleive them anyw

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my first time

Freaky Poem | Sex Poem : oh how i love him, love him so,i never really let him go,i’d talk to him or stop and stareimagining how he took me there,we’d share a kiss with simple bliss,i’d open up and give him this,i’ll scream out loud and call his name,and try to take in all this pain,i wiggle and move trying to get loose but

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painful love

Freaky Poem | Love Poem : i think of you all the time,cuz your my nigga and you are a dime,there’s something about you i couls never forget,when i think of our breakup it makes me sick,i love you so much,i miss you too much,if we ever get back together i swear i’ll let you touch,boy im in love with you and there’s nothing i

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this love is real

Freaky Poem | Love Poem : im mesmerized by your sexy eyes,the very thought of you makes my soul rise,the way you make me feel i know this is realyour presence penetrates the very essence of my heart,and i’d hate for someone to tear us aparti love you like hell,i even love the way you smell,so now you know how i feel and know

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is it love

Freaky Poem | Love Poem : i feel like i love you,but i just dont know,i feel like i love you,and it’s beginning to show,i love everything about you from your scent to your smile,boy you drive me crazy and i just dont know how.been together for a short time,but i think im starting to loose my mind,i need to see you feel your

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