Love4me's Poems

Amerikaz Ghetto

Freaky Poem | Ghetto Poem : Pants sag low Blow weed smokeStill ah lil boy in ah grown man’s mindMama yellin ’BOY PUT SOME CLOTHES ON YOUR BEHINDE’But she just whishin he listeninSee he can’t see the world cause he focused on tha conner,but he knoe if that Money aint right he’s ah gonner That’s what she saidSo she fled to the n

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just one of those days

Freaky Poem | Sad Poem : Those i don’t wanna feel daysThose this can’t be real daysThose life aint what it seem days Those that i aint what i mean daysThose i just wanna be mean daysThose don’t know what to say days Those just to much on your plate daysThose i just wanna hate days Those just one of those days days You kno j

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Freaky Poem | Black Poem : I’m tired of being hurt and so lonley that it feels like no one wants me I’m tired of playing sad love song cause somewhere somewhere did me wrongI’m tired of being what you want me to be I’m tryin so hard but i still can’t see This love you say you posses for me Is this supose to be our destiny?You

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