Live Life 23's Poems

My love letter 2 you

Freaky Poem | Love Poem : My Love Letter to YouI’ve been thinking about you all day Longing to talk to you but didn’t know what to say So I’m writing my feelings here on paper Maybe I will build enough courage to tell you later The first time that I saw you my heart began to pound My knees began to weaken every time you were

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A womans Struggle

Freaky Poem | Inspirational Poem : A womans StruggleSuch a burden of sadness Can be seen on her face She’s been used and abused From men of all race She seems distant and lost With low self-esteem For life has been cruel And she’s only eighteen She gave birth to a child That she doesn’t even know And life on the streets Has taken its

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We Died For That Right.....

Freaky Poem | Inspirational Poem : We Died For That RightWe died for that right To cast in our vote To decide how to live From a ballot like note We died for that right For a free spoken voice And to elect as our leader Who is best for our choice We died for that right So decisions are made And our rights as a people Won’t wither or

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Freaky Poem | Love Poem : Listen to the echo As it whispers in your ear It’s calling out your name For all the world to hear It’s a message from my heart Of words I swear are true It stirs a gentle wind And speaks of love for you Just listen to the birds For I dedicate their tune It will rise the morning Sun While making flo

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Long, Thick, And Black

Freaky Poem | Sensual Poem : Long, Thick, And BlackShe laid across the bed Butt naked from the start Her knees were slightly bent And her thighs were spread apart She recently had shaved And her pussy lips were bare They were moist from her caress And free of any hair Feeling sexy and on fire Satin sheets beneath her back She r

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Right Words.....

Freaky Poem | Spoken Word Poem : Right Wordslook i think i have found a new me.My words parts minds like (GOD) and the red sea.Im ill with this new sensation of floetry.Im real with this new mutation of poetry.Who am i.. Im a name not 2 be mentioned.unless you feel me and have comprehension.Man.... I cant help this new feeling.My w

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