Lilmsladie22's Poems

All Eyes On Me

Freaky Poem | Black Poem : All Eyes on Me, Is there something to see? For everytime I look up theres someones eyes on me. Did I do something wrong? Wear the wrong thing? to deserve the types of stares these people bring.Do I kno you? Do you even kno me?Does that even give you the right to try to judge me? I keep to myself, ju

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Only as a Friend

Freaky Poem | Love Poem : Laying on my bed letting the time pass me by, thinking to myself, asking the questions why, But my questions go unanswered letting the sorrow feel my soul, Hearing your voice in head, Saying you have to let me go, Was it something I said? Did I do something wrong? For him to leave me here, to be on

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The Way He Makes Me Feel

Freaky Poem | Love Poem : How is it that u make me feel the way I do? Making me say that I cant live without u? and u knowin how much I care with such despare in my eyes waiting and watching...watching and waiting,wanting u here with me.Im longing to hold u in my arms, wanting to keep u safe from harm, wanting to kiss ur lip

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Sometimes when Im Alone I Cry

Freaky Poem | Sad Poem : Sometimes when im alone I cry...I cry from the pain I keep locked up inside... hiding it away from the friendly faces only to reveal hatred and sorrow. People I once thought I could trust turn away in my time of need...leaving me alone to wallow in my pain,not waiting or wanting to help..not caring

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