Lilbonita2023's Black Poems


Black Poem | Love Poem : in life im feeling most like misunderstood i act as if im hype and jolly, things arent the way the should be but its all good. ending up poor and living in a hut, thats what the man thinks about me. tryna take me away from my love also the one who leaves me feeling free why cant the understand hes

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Black Poem | Inspirational Poem : people say they feel bad cuz im fighting serious demonds i wasnt hiding from any dangers sean or unsean but i didnt care and my actions were real mean seriously cutting up smokin weed please believe me. liking girls for the trivial , spirtual things aint in my mind im thinkin thats a waste of time c

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General Poem | Black Poem : After everything you put me through You thought of me despising youBut I don’tBecause you made me strongerYou taught me many thingsLike don’t build a relationship around trust,Cuz when I finally trusted you,you did the thing you said you wouldn’t do.So I was better off not trusting youAnd now I hope

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