Lilbit's Black Poems

The tears I cry

Black Poem | Life Poem : I see tears coming out of my eyesBut do not know yCause all my hurt and pain is bottled up in sideBut when i close my eyes i just do not realize i am not only hurtin myself i am hurting others with my random out bursts.But the tears i cry seem not to help, cause the anger i have, do not cause for te

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Black Poem | Teen Poem : Yea I know some of yall gurls would love to have a soldier.Yea yall know the ones that will do anything to make u happy.And the ones that would go to war for u to protect ur heart.Yea i know some of yall know wut i am talkin aboutCause I will love to have somebody like thatBut I wonder sometimes if

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Black Poem | Black Poem : I am choking on my tears, and I don’t know why? Its like my feelings are scared to reveal there selves. But I am pushing my feelings to the top. But they get caught by the hatred in my heart. So I am sitting here thinking what can I say and then the Lord hit me with a thought that I can not say. Its

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What I feel

Black Poem | Spoken Word Poem : Right now I have so many feelings bottled up inside.But the question I ask my self is why? Do these feeling mean something? Or are they just feelings? Right now I have so much hatred in my heart. But the question I ask myself is why? Is it because I fell for him? or is it because god took them from

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