Lex28's Black Poems


Black Poem | Life Poem : Life life is wat u make it but wen u become it it seems like yall life flashes before your eyes u see a mother crying huh huh u ask your self y is she crying cuz of me because i became the life that disappointed her i so many ways i can never take back my life god put me on this earth for one th

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Fulled with sorrow

Black Poem | Life Poem : When i look in my brother eyes thats all i see is hate:  hate towards the world ,trouble coming ahead drug  dealers tryin to make a living i see black males not even 17  dying in a hospital by a bullet that has no name i see mothers crying  y my baby y him he did not deserve to dye take me instead 

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Who am i

Black Poem | Mother Poem :  when i see you i see life full of joy and happiness i see a seed growing into a rose a bright red rose that have a life ahead of her and big open arms so i can come in them u see a mother who everybody wants u are  my mother my rose with open arms and joy and happiness

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