Leetea's Poems

untitled #10

Black Poem | Dramatic Poem : U bull??? so muchU make the bush administration look holyCoward to new ways so you roll with a phonyLooking at life through dem tinted glassesWhen people look they tink u born ass backwardsCuz ur so busy smelling ur selfU don

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Night Trip

General Poem | Ghetto Poem : Beds squeak, Body heatRed-hot sugar sweet flowingGently out of meCovered in sweat, soaking wetBut I

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Forgotten Past ( DeJa Vu)

General Poem | Black Poem : This is a long lost letterTo my best friendThe one I thought I finally had But lost again You reminded me of her Funny aint itRemember all the good timesBefore all this anguishOur bond was so tightWe were strong as stoneYou never looked behind you Cause you never was aloneI used to wrap our hairAnd

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General Poem | Black Poem : I wish I had a boxA box with an inside lockA box that I could sit inside to have and see what I

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My Receipt

General Poem | Life Poem : People say life is like a road I look at it more as a string that you holdThat spins through a wheel and turns into goldThat sometimes rusts and turns to moldFrom years of promising things to beholdOr from the sins of youth now turned oldOr from a night of criesFrom old wounds that still seep Cause

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