Ladyjohnson's Poems

Chocolate High™

Black Poem | Love Poem : He loves meInside and outHe loves meWithout a doubtKisses my heartHugs my trustOh so closeA nu startHe loves meInside and outHe loves meWithout a doubtBeautiful i amMyself i can beSo rightI Love himHis touchInside and outOh sweet blissThree nu daysThree nu nightsIs all it took to revive a lost loveI

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A Peace Of Me™

Black Poem | Life Poem : My Thoughts Shattered by the Evil Fists of Drama & Pain filled Screams Of Serenity... My Focus & Concentration Sees the palms of Stress & Heels Of Mental Abuse...Beat Me Down, Break Me Down...Why...Why Me?   Will I ever have a chance at peace..Happiness...goodness in my life? No one

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