Ladybug18's Poems


Ghetto Poem | Life Poem : Why do we fall in love if we get our feelings hurt? Why do we fall in love if it hurts so bad? Why do we fall in love if our partner dont care? Why do men lie and cheat but tell us that they love us? Why do we have feelings that we cant even explain? Is it true that love is blind and it will take ov

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Could It Be That Im In Love?

Black Poem | Love Poem : What is this I feel? could it be that im in love? Everytime I hear your voice it makes me smile. Everytime I see yo face I get happy everytime I say yo name I think of you. Could it be that im in love? the way I act around you I dont normally act. The way I feel about you I feel for no one else. The

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Its Over

Black Poem | Life Poem : It’s over between me and you so pack ya bags and get cha shit cuz you no longer welcomed here. It’s over between mw and you no more fussin and cussin. It’s over between me and you I have no more love 4 you. There’s nothin you can do that will make me come back 2 you. All the lies you told me had me

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Bestfriend 2 Tha End

Neoblack Poem | Life Poem : You was ma bestfriend since the first grade we was always together we were inseparable as the yearz passed by we became closer and closer couldnt nothing break our friendship bond we did everything together told each other our secrets we had each other back thru thick n thin where I was you was we w

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Ride or Die

Neoblack Poem | Ghetto Poem : I was yo ride chick down fa wateva they bust I bust back cuz I was ya gurl ya favorite chick when it came down 2 it I lied fa you all the things we been thru I cried fa you late night missions you know I was down had ya back thru it all when nobody was around became ya right hand man like niggaz in

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