Lady_Extraordinaire's Poems


Black Poem | Life Poem : I reflect and I think before I grab the mic Reminding myself to perform well if I want an encore tonite You see, I want an encore But not like Jay-Z at Lincoln Park I want intellectuals thinking that this women right here is sharp I want the audience to walk away with that Warm feeling You know that

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Black Poem | Spoken Word Poem : I gotta get out I gotta get away I gotta push back my emotions and close my composure Bring myself a ways to a closure I just justified my exposure Nobody knows my life I'm bring back dust with a conspiracy Cause street life just made me see a new life I'm casting an elastic Spread my blood in plast

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Black Poem | Spoken Word Poem : I thought that Together We would spend an eternity Just u and me Now I see that Obviously We weren't meant 2 b As I lay in my bed Scratching my head Asking myself why Why did u leave? Now I'm laying here Rubbing the sheets on the side where u sleep And 2 think All I had 2 do was say I'm sorry But I

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