Lady89's Poems

What is Love?

Black Poem | Love Poem : What is love?Is love for the young or is it for the old?Is love a secret not to be told?Is love an unforgettable kiss?An’ experience you can’t afford to miss?Is love a feeling for another?An undeniable sacrifice for the other?Is it something physically expressed?A game for two,undepressed?Is love sw

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True Love Remains

Black Poem | Love Poem : ’I see you, my love, as a flower in springBlooming with the sunset, floating with the windAnd the summer comes, you’re no longer having fun,Being exposed to the fierceness of the sun.You will lend your sent to those who’ll pick you,Bundle you up and give to their love trueBut autumn comes and you be

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[email protected]_1

Black Poem | Love Poem : *Smiles at me for no reason*Watches me Pointlessly*Thinks about me all the time*Gets goofy when I’m near him*Holds me close and cuddles*Sleeps next to me while I’m in his arms*Kisses me on the forehead*Tickles me when I least expect it*Miss me when I’m gone*Wrestle with me.................and not ju

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