Lady Lynn's Poems

So-long, Good-luck Good-bye

Neoblack Poem | Love Poem : Half past five in the morningNo birds are chirping in the treesNo dogs are barking or cats meowingOnly the sound of a train blowing can be heard in the distanceI’m already awake as I am a morning personMy house is quietI have done my morning meditationsI am thankful for another dayThe darkness has n

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Momma, I Love You (From A teenage son)

Neoblack Poem | Family Poem : Momma,A person that loves and cares for meMommaThe one who gives me clothes and foodMomma, I love youMomma,when I am hurting I know you are sadMomma,When I hurt you I feel so badMomma, I love youMomma,I know you have done your bestMomma You have surely passed the testAnd Momma, I love you

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Teach Me Dear Lord

Neoblack Poem | Spiritual Poem : Teach me to kneelTeach me to say What’s in my heartAnd how to prayTeach me to be what you want me to bePlease teach me to follow your wayTeach me to show your precious loveTo the people I meet each dayTeach me to love, teach me to shareTeach me how others burdens to bearTeach me; oh teach me, oh tea

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Missing You ( For Chucky)

Neoblack Poem | Sad Poem : You went away and left me so soon.You left in the morning just before noon.I didn’t know you were leaving, so I didn’t say good-bye.My heart is aching, now all I do is cry.I miss you so much, you just don’t know.My back is bending and my steps are slow.You are safe at home, I know this is true.Yet m

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