Kingslave's Black Poems


Black Poem | Life Poem : Smoke one with ya boy Sit back in the drop top relax your mind Let god find all the pain you try to hide Chevy crusin soothing in his creations Green sticky, Philly blunts in our herbal zone Rims glistening people watching, your on a throne With a king at your side, you’ll want for nothing Florida w

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Black Poem | Life Poem : My savior to fight poverty The best way too get ahead Some end up with stacks While others end up dead A risk i am willing to take Sealing my fate, to the A.K. the glock guides me through the path to seniority Standing alone Not a thug, thugs don’t dress like this Living my life like a game of chess

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Black Poem | Life Poem : Pockets hurting No hoes no money no dank no drank I aint ballin im at a low rank Last Tuesday I caught this cat a t a gas station On pump 5 im standing at the trunk of his ride Black on black crime done it so many times But something about this jack was all outta wack caught this nigga was from Dayt

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Black Poem | Life Poem : If you only tried to care besides the way you stare Burning my skin exposing my sin The pain of judgment Wrapped in delusion living in seclusion away from the world outside The only place in this world that is safe Away from hate Fearing my fate Embracing my insecurity and weight.

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