Kewaynewadley's Falling In Love Poems

Splashed In Infatuation

Falling In Love Poem | Love, Infatuation, Poem : She covered me in paint. Filling me with her outlook. Standing there drenched we both laughed. Her hands covered in acrylic. She fed me apple sauce browns and pepperoni reds. Banana cream tans as well as blueberry blues. Her thoughts covered me in taste. Hands warm to the touch. Covered in paint I w

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Falling In Love Poem | Beanstalk, Longing Poem : Nothing hurts more than anticipation. The fear of the unknown. A love yet spoken. Unspoken in desire. Yet it sits and grows in the vase planted. An odd since of humor.  It learned to smile. Sprouting buds and leaves. The taller it grew no longer could it hide this desire. Wrapping itself in

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Apple Tree

Falling In Love Poem | For Her, Longing, Love Poem : I visit this tree each and every day. From the steams, to the fruit to the leaves. Each part is a different part of her. She blossoms in spurts. Her leaves lost in the wind. Hiding how ticklish she really is. She keeps the best part of her high up on the branches. Inspiring me to reach higher. Knowi

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