Kashala's Poems

That Don't Mean We Don't Care

Black Poem | Love Poem : Yea we smile in ya face & if you come across us wrong we will put you in your place.That don't mean we don't care.Yea we might say were OK and even walk away.That don't mean we don't care.Yea we might say stuff we don't mean like there's plenty more fish in the sea even though it might be.that don't

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Lock's On The Doors

Black Poem | Love Poem : LOVE,When do you find it? Where does it come from?LOVE hurts really badly and it makes you sad. You try to get over it but you can't. Love pierces you beyond your heart it pierces you in the depths of your soul. It goes way deep.You try to keep your love all to yourself, you try to keep it wrapped u

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Good Bye

Black Poem | Love Poem : If I wasn't in love with you then I wouldn't hurt like I do when you talk about other girls in my face. I wouldn't cry when I think about all I have done for you and how bad you treated me. If i wasn't in love with you all the times when I heard about you trying to talk to all these girls around her

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Love Me For Me

Black Poem | Love Poem : Love me for me Not for someone you pretend to seeDon't get it twisted This is meThis is who I wanna beThe only me you'll everLove me for me, not the girl you think you seeJust love me for meThat's all you gotta do No questions asked No note's passedJust love me for meThe girl you know I can be

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He was made for you n you was made for him

Black Poem | Love Poem : When GOD made Ramone he was thinking of you. When god made you Ramone was feeling kinda blue. So GOD came down and touched Carol and she had you. So Ramone would know there more to love then what meets the eye all you got to do is give love another try. So dont cry yall weren't meant to be just frie

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I can't Believe

Black Poem | Love Poem : I cant believe I feel this way each and everyday. I cant believe these feelings haven't went away. I can't believe he got mixed up with my emotion again. I cant believe I love him even after he left my heart torn and in morn. I Cant believe my heart still calls his name and hopes that he be there fe

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