Karla's Poems

Let Me Know

Black Poem | Love Poem : Talk to me/ and let me know/ how u feel/ where to go/ left or right/ straight or back/ let me know/ I got ur back/ I just want to know/ where we stand/ Am I ur woman/ r u my man/ Is our love forever/ Will it grow/ Just talk to me/ And let me know/ Im not scared/ Im willing to change/ Us together/ We

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Take Me As I Am

Black Poem | Black Poem : Take me as I am/thats all I can be/my brown hair/my brown eyes/do you like what you see/  Take me as I am/thats all I know/I try and I try/ but the change never shows/  Take me as I am/thats all I will be/Im sorry if you don't like/or can't stand me/  Beauty is skin deep/just so you know/all of the

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