Kamusta's Poems

Shadows and Forms

General Poem | General Poem : Here in the city, infamy strange nights of fame stalk the shadows on faces still captives linger- among street phantoms, and changing appearances distant the stare of skies on gold threads of craft. The nights become masquerades still with a web of lies the subtle gaze, assassins rage w

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Verbal Attacks

African Poem | Political Poem : Behind shadows they hide tongues like razors sharp with death spun lies, and bitter anger. Assassins with passion slay with strife hearts turned to ashes, and miserable lives.  They seek my downfall on concrete walls verbal attacks, my soul slandered with coals. She is the wrong d

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Seductive Nights

Erotic Poem | Seductive, Erotic, Sex Poem : I first scoped your ass intensity of gaze moved up your chest within, a subtle daze. My heart pulsated  as with rhythmic muse the jewels of your curves adrift satin water blue. Your pose, seductive measured with innocence womanly lust stance, hair of henna strands. I stare, resistle

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