Justme3's Poems

My Alien Riddle

Black Poem | Black Poem : I came in from Pluto parked in the air and I saw many people just standing there so many eyes and they stood very still I wonder what they do when its time for a meal They must eat the moving

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Curves All Over Your Body

Black Poem | Lesbians Poem : When I first met you I thought you were a hottie I wanted to take ride on the curves all over your body It was kind of hard to let you know that you were pretty I couldn't help but stare at them tig-o-bitties When I go down your waist Ooh girl I wonder how you taste I'm glad I can see your ass from

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Black Poem | Reflection Poem : Today was the day, that i tried to kill myself i tried to do it alone, but i was in need of help the drugs alone are only bad for my health, but these were the cards i was dealt.(2007)CT 

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