Jiji's Black Poems

The mirror

Black Poem | Black Poem : At the mirror I staredI noticed something weird and wasn't scaredA girl was staring back at meI stood watching her and didn't fleeShe was begging me To set her freeBefore she would suffocate Before it is too lateI gazed at her weary eyesTears were growing but with no criesI wanted to talk to herBut

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Ease my grief

Black Poem | Death Poem : Please god release meI'm burning within, can't you see?I cannot take this life anymoreTake it from me what are you waiting for?I've alredy dug my graveFor dwelling it I craveI'll take its silence as a breathI do welcome my happy deathSerenely I'll sleepI'll sleep so deep

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Just give a try

Black Poem | Sad Poem : Gaze at my eyes Will you wipe away those dry tears? Take my hand Could you sense how chilly it is? Give me a hug Will you feel the way this bony corpse quiver? Touch my heart Will you perceive any beat? Listen to my voice Could you hear the whisper of my soul? Stare at my shining pallid smile Will y

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